Japan’s public is divided by red. There are mixed reviews

One Piece Film: Red was the 15th best-selling Manga film of all times, One Piece premiered in Japanese theaters on Aug 6th and has not been stopped.

There are several very prominent reasons why One Piece fans don’t want to miss this movie. The most anticipated and most important reason is Shanks, one of the most mysterious and important characters in the play. Any chance to see the content and to learn any canonical information about it, is an important reason.

Another reason is the 25-year anniversary of the first publication. Eiichiro Oda comments on a series that is about to enter its final story. And the last reason that is discussed and also arouses a lot of curiosity is UtaShank’s daughter. These are all factors that make this film an exciting date with lots of things to look forward too. Despite the anticipation, there is a noticeable difference in opinion that we have not seen before in this film.
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